Misty River morning

Winter has taken on a dreamy surrealistic feel about now. We’ve never had more rain than we’ve had in the last few months. The endless pounding of rain on the roof; the bending, arching trees; the Y-light nothing colour that you can almost see through to a world that seems almost there. We did haveContinue reading “Misty River morning”

Shivering, naked & in a very bad temper

When I was a child, the trees in winter looked so innocent and naked, out there standing in the cold and snow. I thought they must waiting for spring to come, to dress them up again. These days, I’m not so sure… they remind me more of shaven old arthritic cats, quivering and shivering, clawsContinue reading “Shivering, naked & in a very bad temper”

Not Itsy Bitsy at All

I can’t imagine what the spider looks like. This web is about half a metre across. It’s encased in frozen mist, giving it that ropey feel. Found it on the leeward side of a rotting, fallen tree near the Clutha River. Yikes! Half expected its maker to leap out and grab hold of my lens.

One sheep keeping watch

Sheep are just so… sheepish. You stop the car and they run for the hills – or at least to the other side of the paddock. They’re sheep. It’s what they do. But you’ve got to admire that one sheep, that one that will stand its ground, with a bit of curiosity, with a bitContinue reading “One sheep keeping watch”

Dance of the Trees

I recently received some feedback on this blog that went along the lines of I didn’t really say anything and it simply wasn’t engaging because it had no call to action. I did not take this well. I harrumphed – a lot. I felt compelled to defend myself, not to them because that is justContinue reading “Dance of the Trees”

Winter Wasp

Stumbled upon this wasp nest on the ground this afternoon. I thought it must have fallen from a tree during one of our recent winter storms. But upon close inspection, it had been built on the ground and was a nest of activity. This little guy was especially charming – and so much prettier thanContinue reading “Winter Wasp”