Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka

I’ve noticed how popular this style of highly saturated HDR has become lately. Not sure why, but something about it rubs me wrong – really, I don’t know why. I certainly have no issues with playing with images so they tell the story I want to tell. So, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka”

In broad daylight

The forest on a misty morning, a two-storey house with many many rooms, nooks and crannies. All sorts of creatures can live there. Including you. And me. I’ve uploaded a different take on this scene here… a different shot, but from the same time and place and a little bit different treatment and wide… ActuallyContinue reading “In broad daylight”

Excuse…. me!

The animals were behaving strangely today. The bulls largely ignored me. The horses were all over me (humaniser sluts! They were looking for carrots or sugar, I am sure…) However the bull calves pranced and cavorted and did do a bit of eyelash batting. But these two… you tell me! What WERE they up to!!!Continue reading “Excuse…. me!”

One sheep keeping watch

Sheep are just so… sheepish. You stop the car and they run for the hills – or at least to the other side of the paddock. They’re sheep. It’s what they do. But you’ve got to admire that one sheep, that one that will stand its ground, with a bit of curiosity, with a bitContinue reading “One sheep keeping watch”

Let it Be the Dawn

A chorus of the wind, birds, little waves lapping. My own breath. My heart surely has something to say… We got no brilliant dawns in Wanaka this year… but two years ago – I am still awed… There are no filters or anything special done to this dawn, other than putting the camera on  aContinue reading “Let it Be the Dawn”

Wanaka – where’s my winter?

Sigh… what was meant to be a one and a half hour flight to Queenstown ended up a flight to Christchurch, followed by a 7 HOUR busride to Queenstown… the airport was closed when we arrived after 9PM, no services – no rental car, no way to get to our hotel an hour away… ToldContinue reading “Wanaka – where’s my winter?”