Spot the Ghost!

As if there ever was any doubt – this is an unretouched photo taken into the setting sun on Saturday night. I wanted to capture the beautiful back-lit toi toi. Imagine my surprise when I got home and found someone in the image – right there in the middle. Spooky. I also took a photoContinue reading “Spot the Ghost!”

A grave situation

A bit of light-painting in the cemetery at twilight… The old section of Waikumete is deliberately allowed to go feral in the spring and summer – it’s a wild and slightly spooky place, fragrant with wildflowers and allergy-inducing pollens. But to be there at night with the moon overhead…

A glorious way to be dead

There are times when you should ask questions, times when you should try to understand, times when you need to get to the bottom of the way and wherefore. All those reasonable, rational times. This isn’t one of them. Not at all. What a wonderful, magnificent and glorious way to be dead.