Limpid Pools

When I was a kid, I loved to go skinny dipping. Everything about it was tingly and exciting and made me feel so very alive and somehow naughty, though I couldn’t explain why… I had my places… I’d follow the creek, ours or someone else’s – sooner or later there’d always be a pool. AndContinue reading “Limpid Pools”

Top of the Hill

Love the way these cows all made their way to the top of the hill… the original photo is nearly three times as wide with cows on top from end to end… but it just didn’t suit the 700 pixel limitation on a blog. It was one of those ‘all-weather’ kind of days, storming, bucketingContinue reading “Top of the Hill”

Broken Bridge

Spotted this decaying old bridge on the way down to Tongariro, but went right past. It stuck in my mind though and I made a point of looking out for it on the way back… Can’t quite explain it, but it feels so desolate, so absolutely lost and forgotten. The stream it once traversed isContinue reading “Broken Bridge”

Chateau Tongariro Chandelier

No, we did not stay in the Chateau. We travelled down to Tongariro with friends from our photography club, and so we stayed at a hostel, The Ski Haus. Let’s just say it was basic. Our room could have slept five – contained nothing but beds and the tiniest bedside table. Not even a rubbishContinue reading “Chateau Tongariro Chandelier”

Sunset over Tongariro & Ngauruhoe II

Grrr… not sure what is going on with WordPress these days. This is the second time recently that I’ve published a post and it came up empty… and of course, no way to recover the text of my utterly brilliant missive… No doubt operator error – I’ve only done a thousand of these… Grrr… It’sContinue reading “Sunset over Tongariro & Ngauruhoe II”