The Lovers

Firstly, a disclaimer – I do not know these people. I don’t even know if they know each other, or just happened to be standing next to each other when I grabbed this shot. They were simply so beautiful, something so classical about them that inspired my own sense of romance. So heaven forbid theyContinue reading “The Lovers”


Dancer from Diwali the other night… from a contemporary Indian troupe, doing a modern version of the bhangra… I find the bhangra to be the most joyous of dances, reckless abandon, dancing like a child who hasn’t been taught not to. Also found in the Jewish hora and Ukrainian trepak and maybe some others IContinue reading “Bhangra!”

Diwali Magic

Went to the Diwali Festival today – it’s the Indian Festival of Lights. Whilst I would have to say the lights part somehow didn’t translate all that well on its way down under, there was lots of see and taste and photograph… My favourite shot of the day is this little girl, playing in theContinue reading “Diwali Magic”

Savage Night

Someone who saw this asked me who ‘they’ are meant to represent. And what was the strange thing they were doing. And who is the we? And What should we have done? And she got rather annoyed when I answered, “You know… don’t tell me you don’t know…” and didn’t discuss it further…

Boring Pelican

…with my camera of course… These are my poor Cabo San Lucas pelicans – magnificent, I thought. I entered another shot of them into a photo competition which I posted nearly a year ago (click here to see embellished version). The judge harrumphed, pronounced pelicans common – and the photo did not do well. Sigh…Continue reading “Boring Pelican”

Birthday Cake

Rather a quickie tonight as I had to dash down to Wellington this afternoon to cheer on the Canadians as they battled the All Blacks. As expected, they were thrashed within an inch of whatever it is that gets thrashed against as they came away with a score of  15-79. The ABs managed a sturdyContinue reading “Birthday Cake”

Build Me Up Buttercup

So there I was, walking along in the reserve in Henderson with a bunch of folks from my photography club, on a gloomy day trying to find something to take a photo of for the Worldwide Walk competition. Can’t say I got anything worth entering, but I stumbled across this little bit of sunshine whilstContinue reading “Build Me Up Buttercup”