Low tide II

Why is it that low tide always seems so mournful? Beach flicks are always shot at high tide. There was no low tide on Bay Watch (not that I ever watched two episodes of Bay Watch, mind you, though I had to watch one to find out what the fuss was about.) I’m not evenContinue reading “Low tide II”

South Island Oyster Catcher

Titirangi Beach is just down the hill from me. From time to time I like to take my long lens and go spy on the birdlife. I don’t think I’ve run into one of these before. There were three of them there, happily feasting on our local delicacies. However, they were insistent on presenting theirContinue reading “South Island Oyster Catcher”

Love from Titirangi Beach

Went for my constitutional, started out at at French Bay to the east and decided to walk around Shag Point (where I nearly got caught in the incoming tide!) to Titirangi Beach and then hiked up the hill to get back home. These are some of the things I saw along the way. Fortunately, IContinue reading “Love from Titirangi Beach”