At all

Some ruins of a 14th century church out in the back end of the Scottish Highlands. The people moved or were moved away, this was left behind. If there is no fight, no ongoing battle to keep her from claiming the things that escape, that we raise up over her – Mother Earth comes forContinue reading “At all”

Afternoon at Grandma’s

I admit it – I did not take this photo. That is me, sitting in my Grandma’s living room when I was 13. I remember feeling quite grownup that day as my younger brother and sisters were outside playing, but I was in the house with the grownups discussing grownup things. I found it inContinue reading “Afternoon at Grandma’s”

Some things I noticed in New York

Back in March 09 my pal Bindi and I abandoned our husbands to ten days of looking after themselves so we could take a little jaunt of our own off to New York. You may recall in the piece Planning for New York on the Cheap, that we made a zillion plans and hoped to getContinue reading “Some things I noticed in New York”

Homeward Bound

(Note You can click on any of the photos for a full-screen shot.) My life is full of so many journeys, most of which end up homeward bound after a time. Sometimes to a new home, usually to the home I’ve been away from for a while. Then there’s the bus trip home that IContinue reading “Homeward Bound”

Time continues to convolute

I was under the mistaken impression that time was somehow speeding up. Or that pieces were shifting around, flinging themselves forward or backward. It remains the most logical explanation for this ungainly preponderance of Monday mornings. But something else has happened. The past has started swimming along with the present. Maybe it’s always done that,Continue reading “Time continues to convolute”

Donnie Darko

When it was released, I described Donnie Darko as David Lynch for teenagers, and then 26 year old writer-director Richard Kelly is Lynch-in-training. That was in 2001. And while Kelly appears to have been a one-hit wonder, his debut feature continues to amaze and delight – a magic realism horror ride, moody and resplendent withContinue reading “Donnie Darko”