Pink baby

Lately I have found that I love photographing babies… But that said, it’s not exactly from the point of view of a baby photographer – more from the point of view as an animal photographer… I am not inclined to prop or pose them or dress them up in outfits that would have any adultContinue reading “Pink baby”

Sydney Harbour Bridge

For someone who had no interest in Sydney, I have to admit, I really fell in love with the place… It’s a no matter where you turn there is something interesting, amusing, slightly shocking, cute, awful, amazing… it’s just that kind of place. I’ve heard a few people compare it unfavourably to New York… ThatContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Bridge”

End of summer

Walked down to the beach early Monday morning. I was the only one there. Sad, sad, sad… Summers never were long enough. Sorry I have not been around, but wedding are physically and spiritually exhausting! I needed to regroup and refortify… As for the wedding… THE WEDDING… since I was not the photographer and tookContinue reading “End of summer”