Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka

I’ve noticed how popular this style of highly saturated HDR has become lately. Not sure why, but something about it rubs me wrong – really, I don’t know why. I certainly have no issues with playing with images so they tell the story I want to tell. So, I decided to give it a goContinue reading “Pretty as an autumn day in Wanaka”

Not Itsy Bitsy at All

I can’t imagine what the spider looks like. This web is about half a metre across. It’s encased in frozen mist, giving it that ropey feel. Found it on the leeward side of a rotting, fallen tree near the Clutha River. Yikes! Half expected its maker to leap out and grab hold of my lens.

After the Storm

The last day of our week-long stay on the South Island. We’d had perfect weather every day – but this morning awoke to heavy cloud cover and light rain. We decided not to take the Crown Road from Wanaka to Queenstown as it crosses the Crown Range and conditions can change very suddenly, leaving theContinue reading “After the Storm”

Excuse…. me!

The animals were behaving strangely today. The bulls largely ignored me. The horses were all over me (humaniser sluts! They were looking for carrots or sugar, I am sure…) However the bull calves pranced and cavorted and did do a bit of eyelash batting. But these two… you tell me! What WERE they up to!!!Continue reading “Excuse…. me!”

Home, no matter where you find it

Arrowtrown, at the foot of the Crown Range, a truly lovely, preserved old town. It formed in the 1860s, populated by European and Chinese gold miners, some of whom left when the takings dried up, moving onto the west coast. But others stayed and the town survived as a farming community. Ups and downs –Continue reading “Home, no matter where you find it”