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Twilight in the Garden of Eden

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Sorry I’ve been AWOL the last week… funny thing when you commit to a 366 day project… Obviously I take it seriously, since I am in the second year now. This is actually the 457th photo since September 2010 – excluding reruns when I went on holiday and such. And every so often I just have no inspiration – every photo seems flat, lifeless, nothing happening. And when even nothingness can interest me – well, it’s time for a wee chill.

I suppose a bit of the lacklustre-ness of the moment is its sense of a rite of passage with my daughter getting married. Of course I am happy for her and her new husband and the day was wonderful.

But I think for parents, and maybe even moreso for grandparents, it marks a change in the order of things, passing of the torch. As it should be. But one feels one’s oats. One looks in the mirror and a little bit of its magic has worn off. How could so much time have passed so quickly. It does not feel so long ago when I stood on the edge of life, drinking it all in, trying to be brave, trying to be strong, trying to be sure.

It is all good and all right and the way it is supposed to be. It’s life. I guess it’s a ride that you got on somewhere without realising and there’s no getting off until it’s over…

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29/02/2012 at 10:14 pm

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