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Rainforest in Winter

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In the category of unbelievable and completely annoying things… I bought a new computer. That actually is good. But I had to shift my software – annoying. The unbelievable was when I deregistered Photoshop from the old computer so I could install it on the new one – the identification code was rejected. So I rang tech support. Oh… it seems I am in possession of a pirated copy of Photoshop – which I have been merrily using for two years. Never mind that I bought it from a computer shop and it came in the box with the book and DVD and cost an arm and a leg… Adobe would like the name of the company I bought it from, which I can’t remember because they are no longer in business – but not so I can get Photoshop reinstated with them. I think they want to prosecute the seller.

Fair enough – but the price of Photoshop has gone insane – over $1000… and I’m a bit on the broke side – what with the new computer and needing to update Office and all that… grrr… I am annoyed. I will have to just bite the bullet and get it – I need it for the business. But… grrr… there is nothing I can do. No point in screaming at Adobe. The vendor is gone…

Sigh… I get to upgrade now to CS5. Somehow I am not leaping for joy. This fallen tree sort of describes how I feel. Grrr…

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

20/08/2011 at 1:50 am

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