Carrot Cake Version 2

A couple of years ago I made a different looking version of this cake. (If you click on the cake, you’ll find AND the recipe!) This time around, it’s a sheetcake with decoration to the nth degree. not as difficult as you might think – marzipan carrots (the tricky part is getting the right shadeContinue reading “Carrot Cake Version 2”

Birthday Cake

Rather a quickie tonight as I had to dash down to Wellington this afternoon to cheer on the Canadians as they battled the All Blacks. As expected, they were thrashed within an inch of whatever it is that gets thrashed against as they came away with a score of  15-79. The ABs managed a sturdyContinue reading “Birthday Cake”

Kapsa Pirukas

Kapsa Pirukas, Estonian cabbage pie, is one of the foods of the gods. My mother made it for every special occasion I can remember throughout her life. So simple anyone can make it and so surprisingly delicious, no matter how much you make it will on be gone quickly – once the guests have gotContinue reading “Kapsa Pirukas”