Ngongotaha Dinghy

  My romance with the dinghy continues… something about a little boat just charms me. Of course, big boats, do to – but it’s not the same. Rather fancied coming upon this one walking along Lake Rotorua last month and took quite a few of it – but I knew I had my shot whenContinue reading “Ngongotaha Dinghy”

Lunch time

One of my favourite areas of Auckland is Dominion Road. It’s long been full of little antique and junk shops, cafes and various ethnic oddities you won’t find anywhere else in town. It’s a long road and one of the three main sections has become almost completely dominated by small Asian, mostly Chinese restaurants, offeringContinue reading “Lunch time”

I caught the moon …

A case of en flagrante dilecto, in what would have been broad daylight… there she was, the moon, a brazen hussy eclipsing the sun in the middle of an otherwise ordinary Wednesday… I know I should have averted my eyes, but I just couldn’t tear myself away – not until it was all over. Whew!

The Crown Road

  There’s a long way to get from Queenstown to Wanaka. And there’s also a shortcut… The Crown Road, winding over the Crown ranges – hairpin turns, rock-slides and a bit of screaming on my part. We always go this way and it always terrifies me… It looks so pretty, so scenic from here…

Big Bang Theory

Why not? Yeah, I do take a lot of impressionist style photos – it’s my favourite school of painting, so it sort of follows. Some of them turn out well, some I’m not so sure about. These are (or were) roses… but they don’t really give the impression of roses on the bush, more likeContinue reading “Big Bang Theory”

Remorseful giraffe

I really hate the whole idea of ‘crazy busy.’ Been there, done that – it’s no way to lead a proper life. You just end up with endless task lists duly completed, but no sense of having lived or living… But these days, it’s been rather like that. There’s no getting caught up, never mindContinue reading “Remorseful giraffe”