Pink baby

Lately I have found that I love photographing babies… But that said, it’s not exactly from the point of view of a baby photographer – more from the point of view as an animal photographer… I am not inclined to prop or pose them or dress them up in outfits that would have any adultContinue reading “Pink baby”

Been there, I think

Reach a time and place when you’ve been there and you’ve done that Hell, maybe you didn’t maybe you watched someone else do it maybe saw it on TV Once it gets so far back it doesn’t much matter much cos your memory – gets a bit long a bit distant Even though it tastesContinue reading “Been there, I think”

So cool, we’re hot…

Spotted this gorgeous trio, just strolling along the wharf, the picture of youthful beauty, with just a dash of arrogance and studied aloofness – just perfect in the moment. I don’t want to know their back story, don’t want to know who’s sleeping with whom, who’s got this or that issue and is a afraid ofContinue reading “So cool, we’re hot…”