If I were in Mumbai again

Not sure what brought this on… I certainly would not mind being in Mumbai again. But this girl is no more in Mumbai than I am. I snapped her a couple of years ago performing at a festival commemorating Indian independence – at a race track in Avondale, a suburb not far from where IContinue reading “If I were in Mumbai again”

Robo trike-o-trauma

The more I looked at this, the more I fretted for any child placed in this device! At first I thought it was a pushchair/stroller, and the doll was kind of creepy. But then I noticed its clenched fists. And the pedals are so far forward from the seat, it would have to be forContinue reading “Robo trike-o-trauma”

The goddess to my left

She was given to me as rather a gag-gift before I went to India a couple of years ago – a bobbing head Indian woman sitting cross-legged, grinding a silver mortar and pestle. I don’t know if she is in poor taste or not – but she sits to my left all day every dayContinue reading “The goddess to my left”