Garden variety butterfly

Just a garden variety butterfly flitting around a garden variety garden. There’s nothing wrong with the garden variety, you know… We can’t all be fiery hothouse creations Mad with passion Demanding non-stop attention Showing off in front of the whole wide world. Some of us quietly do what we’ve got to do and carry onContinue reading “Garden variety butterfly”

Auckland Sunset

Apologies for putting two of these little globes up in a row, but I’ve had a bit of fun making them, experimenting with different types of subjects. Landscapes are the easiest to work with as long as you’ve got a bit of variety in the terrain. But anything that can be shot or cropped toContinue reading “Auckland Sunset”

The end of time

I hadn’t made the connection before, but this piece and just thinking of Riga makes me hum Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love.” Found a video of him singing itand finally figured out how to embed it! Yay!  This version is my favourite,from Austin City Limits in 1988. He looks much likeContinue reading “The end of time”

Phoney Fake Fabulous Fun

Despite that glitz and glamour are about as far from anything I would define as ‘my style,’ I love it on a ship – the glitzier and more over the top, the better. I suppose it’s the immersion in a world that is not mine, not of my design or under my control.  And notContinue reading “Phoney Fake Fabulous Fun”

The Rose in My Garden

Actually, this rose is NOT in my garden, it is in the Parnell Rose Garden, in Auckland. I love the phrase though as it is the title of one of my daughter’s favourite books books when she was small, by Anita and Arnold Lobel. (I think that’s their names, too late to look them upContinue reading “The Rose in My Garden”