Fresh or…

This berry is actually growing in a home garden. When it is fully ripe, it will be sweet, juicy and sun warmed. Mmm I can almost taste it now… It’s not as bad in NZ as in a lot of places – there is no commercially grown GE food produced here – but farmers here,Continue reading “Fresh or…”

Project work

I think we’ve all got these laying around, stuff we’d really like to do ‘when we have the time.’ And of course, it’s not that we don’t really have the time – we could use the time we spend watching TV or playing videogames or reading blogs to do them – but my theory isContinue reading “Project work”

Crane fly

I used to think these guys were giant mosquitoes… You know – they are large, rather like Daddy Long Legs. But they fly at night, snagging mozzies as they go. This one was clinging to my bedroom wall for hours yesterday – keeping my husband company as he went about his business. He was goneContinue reading “Crane fly”

Carnie II

Yes, you know it’s true… never, ever in my definitely NOT misspent youth, did I stand beside some hunky dude willing to blow all his hard-earned cash shooting tin cans to win me a large stuffed anything. That girl had skinny legs and short shorts and wore a bikini top, instead of a blouse. AndContinue reading “Carnie II”


Wonder what it was about those carnie guys… from here, they look like boozing, womanising, low-life losers – the kind you’d cry your eyes out if your daughter ever took up with one. Back when I was fifteen, they were the next best thing to a rock star – and just as interested in me…Continue reading “Carnie”