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Embroidering in Gdansk

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I wanted to buy one, but he didn’t seem to be selling. This intriguing young man kept his head down and eyes on his work.

An idyllic little city, Gdansk is over 1000 years old and like most of the cities and small states along the Baltic, it’s suffered endless invasions from the Germans and Russians almost since its inception. Most of the Old Town was essentially levelled by Allied and Soviet bombing during WWII – including this street. It was rebuilt in the 50’s and 60s from photos and whatever documents could be found. I assume modern plumbing and wiring was installed.

The Gdynia shipyard is nearby, where the Solidarity Movement began, the catalyst which spurred freedom actions across easter Europe and ultimately led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

The beach resort of Sopot is just down the way – another real treat (and where I took my favourite photo 0f time of all time…)

I was reading the NY Times list of places to see in 2011 today and was so pleased to find Gdansk was #17.

at the mouth of the Motława River

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