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A few portraits

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I’ve long had a passion for old movies – mostly talkies, but silents as well… so a couple of weeks ago I put together a shoot with a bunch of models and make-up artists and rented a studio… Costumes and props and whoosh! We were shooting like it was 1922… I’m too busy at the moment to continue working on the photos, so there are many more, but here’s a few I hope you’ll enjoy.


Beth St Claire, hair and Makeup by Ruth Baron.


Brandon Adams, hair and makeup by Maree Carlisle


Mimoza Ilieva, hair and make-up by Sabrina S. Begum


Beth St Claire, hair and Makeup by Ruth Baron.


Briana Sullivan, hair and make-up by Qteaz Hair


Vanya Essin, hair and makeup by Maree Carlisle


Raymond Vinton, hair and make by Casey Bethlyn


Beth St Claire, hair and Makeup by Ruth Baron.

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18/06/2016 at 12:58 am

The Lovers

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Firstly, a disclaimer – I do not know these people. I don’t even know if they know each other, or just happened to be standing next to each other when I grabbed this shot. They were simply so beautiful, something so classical about them that inspired my own sense of romance. So heaven forbid they are both happily married to other people and I have cast aspersions on their character… not my intention at all…

But I take the artist’s prerogative to place them in context of my choosing, casting them as idealistic young lovers, bound together but willing to fight to the death for something they believe in. And why not?

I really like this photo – it’s one I am so pleased to have taken, that is, pleased that I am the one that took it…

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10/10/2011 at 10:14 pm

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