Gorilla again

The gorilla is the one that gets things done, using whatever reasonable force is necessary. He’s not always nice and he hardly ever apologises, but that’s not what he’s here for. He’s here to whoop your butt, and he might be the only one that can – now that you are finally in charge andContinue reading “Gorilla again”

True Horror!

UPDATE!! Day after this photo was taken… I go into the lounge to get something while we are watching TV and see the cats are sitting in almost identical positions as yesterday – on the other side of the room – and there is ANOTHER mousie on top of the curtains!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ay Carrumbah! I haveContinue reading “True Horror!”

Take off…

Nature’s  creatures just don’t fear me. At least, not if they’ve settled in for a rest. I hardly had to crop this image… this giant brown seagull had nearly a metre wing span (39″) I’d say – just huge, almost the size of an albatross, with none of the albatross’s charm or mystique. I ratherContinue reading “Take off…”

MInding My Own Business

My poor mother – you’d think from listening to some of her children, that she’d got EVERYthing wrong, not most things or some things, but the whole lot. Hmmm… she definitely got some things right – but there’s not much percentage in telling folks about how right and normal and ordinary your childhood was (notContinue reading “MInding My Own Business”