Aubergine Dreaming

a replay – taken in lovely Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago. One of those places I didn’t expect to fall in love with but I hope to return one day and spend a week or two exploring. Actually all of Mexico was so different than I expected. How wonderful it would be toContinue reading “Aubergine Dreaming”

All Ducked Up

There are those times when you can’t tell the bottom from the top, or east from west, or day from night. And when those times arrive – well, now you know you’re all ducked up. Might as well make the best of it. And then brush yourself off and carry on. (But not like nothing’sContinue reading “All Ducked Up”

Black Silk Cymbidium Revenge

I used to take and post quite a lot of flower photos. But then I got away from it – they’re just too easy, all that day-glow perfection, sexuality and general come-hitherness. But then, I had another look at these Black Silk Cymbidiums and changed my mind. Warning – major digression ahead. It’s okay toContinue reading “Black Silk Cymbidium Revenge”

Made 4 each other

Don’t know what it is about capsicum that is inherently erotic. Well, at least beautiful, perfectly shaped, curvy capsicum. We don’t really want to look at twisted, misshapen peppers, I mean – these two are as ugly as they come… and looking at them – fawning over each other as if they were beautiful. HeContinue reading “Made 4 each other”

Dark story

The people who know the story about this first-hand are all dead, bar a few that were too young to understand. It’s an insignificant balcony on an insignificant building in the old part of Riga. No marker, no plaque, nothing noting it. You could walk by an never notice – walk by once or tenContinue reading “Dark story”

Ready to Land

They’ve dimmed the lights getting ready to land service staff buckled down can’t see me pull out my camera, start clicking, clicking down the sci-fi lights, like some Twilight Zone episode where I’m holding my breath, waiting. Waiting for that thing You know, the thing the monster that tormented William Shatner, sitting in his youthfulContinue reading “Ready to Land”