Yangtze traffic

We’d disembarked our riverboat a few miles down river (think 19th century Mississippi Riverboat). The waters this high up a tributary were far too shallow for anything that size to navigate. And we got into boats just like this, powered by shoulders and sweat and amazingly muscular thighs – that disembarked and pulled us throughContinue reading “Yangtze traffic”

Auckland Sunset

Apologies for putting two of these little globes up in a row, but I’ve had a bit of fun making them, experimenting with different types of subjects. Landscapes are the easiest to work with as long as you’ve got a bit of variety in the terrain. But anything that can be shot or cropped toContinue reading “Auckland Sunset”

seeing between

When I was a little girl, I did not understand that not everyone saw colours the way I did – that some things were a particular colour, but other things just had a colour. I’ve since learned it’s really not that uncommon – synesthesia – a sort of crossing of the senses. Some people canContinue reading “seeing between”

Welcoming Committee

I went to a wedding show with my daughter a couple of months ago, looking for ideas for her upcoming wedding. Of course I brought my camera and took photos of all sorts of bits and pieces, cos I never know when I will need a photo of anything at all and I much preferContinue reading “Welcoming Committee”