Spring has sprung a crossroads…

One of the things I’ve never quite adjusted to living down under is having the seasons arrive three weeks earlier than the solstice or equinox generally associated with them. It wouldn’t be so bad if we actually lost three weeks of miserable cold and rain, which is the Auckland winter. But it runs on atContinue reading “Spring has sprung a crossroads…”

Homeward Bound

(Note You can click on any of the photos for a full-screen shot.) My life is full of so many journeys, most of which end up homeward bound after a time. Sometimes to a new home, usually to the home I’ve been away from for a while. Then there’s the bus trip home that IContinue reading “Homeward Bound”

On the way to Lahemaa Woods

A more magical  Estonia tale – a visit to Lahemaa woods with my cousin Kaupo and his wife Kadri. Estonia is a tiny country, and these woods are tucked up in the northeast corner – getting close to the Russian border. Though they have been ‘managed’ i.e. harvested and replanted, this particular stand of treesContinue reading “On the way to Lahemaa Woods”

Pigs are Pigs and that’s that

This is a true story – about trust and betrayal – about things I believed in that turned out to be the most horrible lies. I put my faith in them – the pigs. They seemed so honest and genuine – asking me so nice if I would do a proper photo shoot of them.Continue reading “Pigs are Pigs and that’s that”

Queen Elizabeth Square, downtown Auckland

I was last in Queen Elizabeth Square last summer, around Christmastime. It was buzzing and beautiful, with giant ornaments, reminiscent of Jeff Koons installations, placed here and there. Near the waterfront with the ferry docks and cargo ships nearby, a real hub of activity a spot in Auckland a visitor shouldn’t miss. My newly formedContinue reading “Queen Elizabeth Square, downtown Auckland”

Waitakere Rainforest Express

Too often we overlook our local Roadside Attractions – leaving them to the tourists, school groups and… in this case our local Photographic Society to organise an expedition. For years I’ve been meaning to ride the Watercare Rainforest Express through the Waitakeres. It departs virtually on my doorstep, from Scenic Drive in Titirangi but yearContinue reading “Waitakere Rainforest Express”

All My Trains (Chinese train part 3)

Previously on Trains of Our Lives, our fair heroine (me) survived a death-defying descent from the upper berth of her miniscule train compartment. She has just made it through a trip to the filthiest loo on five continents. Today’s episode is once again brought to you by haemorrhoid cream, incontinence pads and of course, ointmentContinue reading “All My Trains (Chinese train part 3)”

More on New Year’s Dreaming

Back around new year’s I wrote a bit about having new year’s dreams instead of new year’s resolutions.  It’s far more positive, and if you dream of doing something rather than NOT doing something – well, I think you are more likely to DO. So… four weeks down the track, I’ve got an update. AtContinue reading “More on New Year’s Dreaming”