Rainy daydream

Back on the bus. Bored. Barely breathing. Air so cold and heavy – wet velvet on my lungs. Beyond the spattered windowpane I spy him – spy on him – standing at the cash machine, hunched over in oversized rain gear, getting money for tonight – for Friday night. Big night. Plans. Dreams. Rainy daydreams.Continue reading “Rainy daydream”

Choose your illusion

One of my favourite phrases, usually I use it in the context of work – if you prefer the illusion of security, then you seek a ‘permanent’ job. If you prefer the illusion of freedom, then contract or freelance work is for you. Reality is of course, that for the vast majority of us, workingContinue reading “Choose your illusion”


Titirangi. I named this blog Titirangi Storyteller after the village I call home. It’s part of Waitakere City, considered one of the ‘rougher’ areas of Auckland – but the way I see it, that rep keeps the house prices down and snooty folks who work in ‘firms’ rather than for companies’ away from the place.Continue reading “Titirangi”

Some things I noticed in New York

Back in March 09 my pal Bindi and I abandoned our husbands to ten days of looking after themselves so we could take a little jaunt of our own off to New York. You may recall in the piece Planning for New York on the Cheap, that we made a zillion plans and hoped to getContinue reading “Some things I noticed in New York”

Museum of the Occupation – Tallinn

I have many stories to tell about visiting Estonia and while some include unexpected tears, most are very beautiful. This one is not. Visiting the Museum of the Occupation in Tallinn was chilling. Not sure what took me so long to get to Tallinn. I had wanted to visit ever since I was a littleContinue reading “Museum of the Occupation – Tallinn”

Why I photograph

Back in the day, back when I took pictures like a regular punter, a good piece of scenery was incomplete without someone standing out front. It’s how I was raised. My mom took a photo of every cactus in Texas the year I was 12. And every one of them had one of us kidsContinue reading “Why I photograph”

Invention & Reinvention

Back in my youth I recall being told by my elders to ‘just be yourself.’ Interviews, auditions, performances – pretty much anything where you were tied up in knots and didn’t know what to do, the guidance was to be yourself. (Walking into the lunchroom every day and figuring out where to sit was definitelyContinue reading “Invention & Reinvention”