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The Morning of the Following Day

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The girl in front of me
just sniffed her armpit.
She was out dancing last night
and drinking
and met some guy
went back to his place
and took off her clothes
and did the nasty
but they were too drunk
for it to be any good
and the second time
he couldn’t get it up.
This morning she wanted
to puke when she saw
how he held his toothbrush.
She’ll be home soon
and she can stand in the shower
until the water runs cold,
until the stink of it all
is washed away.

Yeah, I was sitting on the bus. And she did. And the story just came as they sometimes do, from out there somewhere. Good thing I had my notepad in my bag…

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

27/09/2012 at 12:27 am

Oncoming Train

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Took the train in to the city the other day, thought maybe I’d get some good blur shots or other interesting bits and pieces. Got home and naaah… the light was flat, no interesting shadows, rather just a bit of gloom. So I took this into photoshop and had a bit of a play with it. Can’t say it’s one of my favourites, but maybe not so bad…

Of course these days, there are so many cool, quick filters out there – not to mention Instragram has pretty much grabbed the square format, this style of imagery is falling out of fashion. Which means photographers will have to rely on taking really great photos in the first place again. Next time I take the train into town, I will coordinate my travel time with the position of the sun (if we ever see the sun again)…

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

05/07/2012 at 1:53 am

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