Santa Monica Pier on a Cold and Lonely Night

The view from our budget hotel on Redondo Beach Drive was a bit surreal. The beach was many miles away and there was no shopping or nearby attractions, making me wonder what might have possessed anyone to build a hotel in such a place…But having settled in, we decided to go to Santa Monica PierContinue reading “Santa Monica Pier on a Cold and Lonely Night”

A grave situation

A bit of light-painting in the cemetery at twilight… The old section of Waikumete is deliberately allowed to go feral in the spring and summer – it’s a wild and slightly spooky place, fragrant with wildflowers and allergy-inducing pollens. But to be there at night with the moon overhead…

Sydney Harbour Bridge

For someone who had no interest in Sydney, I have to admit, I really fell in love with the place… It’s a no matter where you turn there is something interesting, amusing, slightly shocking, cute, awful, amazing… it’s just that kind of place. I’ve heard a few people compare it unfavourably to New York… ThatContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Bridge”

Torch-Painted Tree

Haven’t really done much light-painting, though I did set-up a photography business at one point called LightPainters – but that’s another story. This tree was in a dark, pretty much deserted carpark on Saturday night. There were a few streetlights a few blocks away, but other than the stars, there was no other source ofContinue reading “Torch-Painted Tree”


Cold winter night – about three degrees. Nothing was stirring, not even a breeze. No, I’m not going to segue into a riff on the Night Before Christmas, though it’s the right bloody temperature down here. And if it was cold, I was properly dressed – right down to my fingerless gloves, Latvian red woolContinue reading “Dreamboats”

Impressionist Sunset

I have come to love impressionist photography… but then, impressionism is my favourite way of seeing things. I probably disliked Paris because the Musée d’Orsay was closed when I got there on a Tuesday morning, thereby depriving me of the opportunity to be in the presence of the Degas paintings that inspired my love ofContinue reading “Impressionist Sunset”

Picture perfect city

This happens to be Auckland, New Zealand – but it could be downtown anywhere. The ubiquitous needle-tower, brightly coloured glass and chic hotels and office buildings. Reminds me of The Matrix. Pretty to look at, nice to live in. Maybe a little too choreographed, but we’ve got other things on our minds.