The Answer

It’s true – a baby seal is always satisfyingly adorable and charming and 99.9% of the time will bring a smile to your face. In this case, the question was – what photo will I put up? I needed something punchy, eye-catching, whimsical. I hope the baby seal does the job. What do you think?

Onset of Winter

I hear the jubilation from the northern hemisphere as they celibrate the return of the sun and long days and the colours and warmth of spring. But here in the world down under it is a very different story. The days grow short. The sun grows scarce. The rains will come and for those furtherContinue reading “Onset of Winter”


My eldest made it official yesterday – she is now a citizen of New Zealand – swore an oath to the Queen and sang the national anthem in Maori. It was a beautiful event, the Auckland Town Hall bursting with joy. More than 500 new citizens, dressed in all variety of native or western garb.Continue reading “Immigration”

South Island Oyster Catcher

Titirangi Beach is just down the hill from me. From time to time I like to take my long lens and go spy on the birdlife. I don’t think I’ve run into one of these before. There were three of them there, happily feasting on our local delicacies. However, they were insistent on presenting theirContinue reading “South Island Oyster Catcher”

Full moon rising

Life is so full of choices… one of them just might be walking along the shore of an Alpine Lake, watching the moon rise as the lights of the lodge glimmer across the way. OK – I was trucking a large, heavy camera bag and a tripod and the ground was damp and I wasContinue reading “Full moon rising”