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A little bit of Bushwick

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We stayed in Bushwick in an Air BnB flat that was rather nice and possibly the cleanest accommodation I have ever stayed at. Bushwick is one of those emerging neighbourhoods, so it’s got some cool places, but also a lot of stodgy old places. And great restaurants but more boring dives. Unfair to compare it to Williamsburg, except that I keep hearing it’s the new Williamsburg. Maybe in ten years. And that’s fine.

First thing I noticed was the subway station. Dekalb Avenue. Bog standard, run of the mill, out of a movie set subway station.
17-3-15 subway-1And the people down there, waiting for trains, I suppose they’re your bog standard people.

17-3-15 subway-2Funny how the Bedford one is so cool, you can feel the buzzy energy… and just a few stops down the line… oh well…

So I didn’t take many photos ‘of’ Bushwick, but I took some photos ‘in’ Bushwick. Like these:
Bushwick-3Just a great sense of urgency here…

I thought this was a sacrilegious Madonna -until I went to process the photo and saw it wasn’t one at all…

And, yes, everything is art now – the beer on the wall

And also the wall

Bushwick-4And the tabletops

Bushwick-7And the slightly crazy lady taking these photos…

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18/04/2015 at 10:48 pm

no left turn

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Seems sometimes the places you just can’t get to are the most appealing. And you’ve to wonder what would change if you could. This is an NYC subway station.

Day 3 of the NaNoWriMo. A wee bit ahead on the word count. A wee bit confounded at what’s coming out onto the page. I had deliberately not outlined a plot or thought too much about characters. I wanted it to be a real, in-the-moment piece. After all, it’s essentially a 30-day exercise, so why not try a technique that’s untried and its true-ness has not been verified?

Fortunately I am a most excellent typist as I find most of this is being written with my eyes closed. I think best with my eyes closed – I think most people do. How many brilliant ideas have you got in the shower, or in those quiet moments after you’ve gone to bed, but not yet fallen asleep? I’m pretty sure this is not brilliant, but it might be going someplace interesting…

Hmmm… 5000 words, 10% of the way there!

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04/11/2011 at 1:00 am

Wigging Out

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05/09/2011 at 10:35 pm

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