‘Tis Matariki!

  Matariki – aka the Maori New Year – a more or less month long sort of celebration around the mid year/winter solstice. I lived here for a long time, ten years or more without every hearing about it, but it’s been gaining in popularity. Not sure if it’s a greater acceptance of Maori cultureContinue reading “‘Tis Matariki!”

Happy New Year!

I have a feeling this will be a challenging year, maybe more than most. But we’ll get through – we always do. Somehow. Somehow this planet of ours keeps spinning on its axis, each perfect turn the makings of one more perfect day. What we do with that is up to us. Fortunately, we getContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer

It arrives first here in New Zealand – just over an hour away now… 2010 is going out quietly. To be honest, I’m not sorry to see the back of it, a year full of sturm and drang and dramas. I have high hopes for 2011. There was a time when I made resolutions thatContinue reading “Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer”