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True Horror!

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UPDATE!! Day after this photo was taken… I go into the lounge to get something while we are watching TV and see the cats are sitting in almost identical positions as yesterday – on the other side of the room – and there is ANOTHER mousie on top of the curtains!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ay Carrumbah! I have lived here for eight years and this is the first time I have seen this. How can it possibly happen 2 nights in a row???

Hubby locked the cats out and knocked the mousie down and put him into a box. Brought him outside and set him free… sigh… I realise it is autumn and mousies do like to get inside before the long, wet winter sets in, but… honestly – I’ve got three cats, two of who fancy themselves as mighty hunters… sigh…


Not a flight of fancy nor a wander through my memories, but a real-live mega-yuck situation in my lounge tonight.

Hubby and I were watching TV in the other room and heard a rumbling coming from the lounge. Wandered out to see what was up and found this wee mousie on top of the ranch slider, balancing behind the curtain rod! With two evil cats, Trent and Chloe staring daggers at it… (you can see him to the right of the enlarged mousie, with his long tail hanging down… Hmmm… with a tail that long, he probably was a young rat…) Chloe has a short attention span, but Trent was fixated.

I grabbed Bobby’s camera as he’s got a simple on camera flash and began snapping away… while I was shooting, the wee thing scuttled to the top of the curtain and peeked over. I felt so gutted. How had he wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time and run into my cats…

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16/04/2012 at 12:07 am

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