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Indonesian Monkey Business

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Surprise, surprise! My Indonesian jungle photos are not as bad as I thought. Sure, it would be nice if this were crisp and clean, but I think this world-weary Thomas Leaf monkey comes across quite well, don’t you think? Considering I walked a couple of hours into the jungle to find him, this makes me happy. While he appears to be close up, he is, in fact 25-30 metres way up a tall, tall tree, and once again I was fumbling with my 300mm lens.

He was perched up there quite a while, watching us and then suddenly decided to be on his way, dropping a rather alarming bit of business a few feet from where I stood as he departed!

It was a 3-hour ride to the National Park, over narrow, barely 2 lane roads. We only travelled 80 kms (50 miles) from Medan, but the 24/7 traffic jam in the city and the potholes and adolesents on motorbikes outside made it slow going. Our driver was “safe” inasmuch as he seemed in remarkable control, but insane, he was tail-gating cars and motorbikes by inches, leaving me holding my breath.

I’ve put together a wee slide show of some of what I saw… Teenagers there all have cellphones and spend much of their time texting – even whilst on a motorbike! Can you spot the internet cafe? Hint – the Facebook and Twitter logos give it away… The grey wall is the view outside our window – directly across – less than two metres! The crazed man in the hotel is my husband – getting ready to head to much saner Malaysia… Still, it was a good day…

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