RIPping in Penang

I asked Dan, our driver in Penang, to take us to the local cemetery. As he was Chinese, he brought us to the Chinese cemetery. There had recently been a holiday honouring the dead, so many of the graves were festooned with blue and white flags and adorned with flowers and other honouring items. DanContinue reading “RIPping in Penang”

If you can’t stand the heat…

Penang, Malaysia. 8PM. The night had cooled to a balmy 30 degrees (ca 90F) and we ventured out in search of supper, somewhere the locals eat, authentic food, an authentic experience. Yeah, there I sat at my white plastic table, soaking up the noisy, fluorescent-lit ambience – fanning myself, sipping an ice cold Tiger Beer,Continue reading “If you can’t stand the heat…”

You ever get the feeling???

I’m always on the lookout, listening, watching, sniffing around for what’s going on. Sometimes it’s kind of creepy what you find… This fella was just down the street from our hotel. We were heading out looking for a local restaurant, carrying our tripods, so we could do some night shooting. (Yes, we needed another coupleContinue reading “You ever get the feeling???”

Home Sweet Home

On our unexpectedly long walk to Bukit Nanas (the jungle in the city where I found the family of Silver Leaf monkeys) we came upon this crumbling street of flats which still bore an ornate plaque dated 1931 and the initials oEs. I am sure that when I was a little girl, this was anContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Monkeyshines in Malaysia

At some point the trip turned into an obsession with photographing monkeys. Both Malaysia and Indonesia are full of monkeys, at least five different species – and somehow they were all hiding from me. Seriously – I have previously seen monkeys on the streets in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, romping around, making pests of themselvesContinue reading “Monkeyshines in Malaysia”