Back in the day…

This mailbox contained letters from home, pictures, postcards, news. And sometimes free samples and stuff we ordered. And of course the telephone bill and the electric bill. And every time I opened it up, I had a sense of anticipation, a wee bit of hope, wonder. Even if most days there were no surprises, IContinue reading “Back in the day…”

Fading sign of human occupation

I am always happy when I see signs that nature is winning the small battles – at least for the moment… and, I suppose, in the end she’ll win it all, no matter how we struggle, though I am thinking, barring a last-minute Mayan coup, that we don’t have to hold our speci-al breath overContinue reading “Fading sign of human occupation”

Letterboxes with Love

 Went out for a walk this afternoon and took photos of the letterboxes on my street. It’s a charming sort of street, mix of all sorts from rich to poor and in between with a few crazy artist or hermit types. No – mine isn’t in there… it’s cute, but didn’t make the cut.Continue reading “Letterboxes with Love”