Mother & Daughter

Having a play with wedding photos. Sheesh! Nothing like your own child’s wedding photos to conjure your most sentimental, tender self. 25 years of being your baby and then there’s no denying they’re all grown up. And that means you, well, you are super grown-up… super-duper grown-up. More grown up than you ever thought youContinue reading “Mother & Daughter”

The goddess to my left

She was given to me as rather a gag-gift before I went to India a couple of years ago – a bobbing head Indian woman sitting cross-legged, grinding a silver mortar and pestle. I don’t know if she is in poor taste or not – but she sits to my left all day every dayContinue reading “The goddess to my left”

Sweet Monkey Love

Spider monkeys… one fell in love with my mother once – at the Catskill Game Farm when I was about 12. He remembered her the next few times we went back and held her hand through the bars for hour. It was kind of sweet. And kind of sad. And kind of icky. I wonderContinue reading “Sweet Monkey Love”