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Hong Kong Surprise!

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Sure I’d read about them and heard about them, but I’d been in Hong Kong for four days without running into a squat toilet. Not in the hotel or any of the restaurants we ate in – not even in our excursion to the mainland. I figured they had passed into history or were only found in rural areas now.

Then there was the day trip to Kowloon. And that wonderful little out of the way market. And the way that nature called so very suddenly, so very urgently, insisting there was big business to attend to. Now!

I was directed down a few narrow alleys and behind a couple of tents. And there it was. Just like the one next to it. And the one on the other side. Uh oh.

Bloody hell! What the @#$%! was I supposed to do? Really! I just couldn’t figure it out – and I really really really had to go.

I pulled out my camera and took a photo.

Then I stripped from the waist down. After that – well – obviously I survived the trauma. I’ve since been back to Asia probably a dozen times – and while I still prefer the western sitter, these days I can manage a squat with the best of them.

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

03/03/2011 at 9:12 pm

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