Monkey Monkey in the Tree

Yeah, the world’s been utterly crazily madly frantic ever since I returned from the blissful relaxation of Thailand. Business is very very good. New projects all ticking along. Still have around 1000 photos to process from the trip and two shoots booked this weekend. I’ve tried giving up sleep, but honestly, it’s not good forContinue reading “Monkey Monkey in the Tree”


Almost feel like I should apologise for another monkey shot… In the west, my sign is Taurus the bull and wherever I go they mosey on over and wanna have a cuddle. According to the Chinese calendar, I am a monkey, and I suppose that might be as good an explanation as any for myContinue reading “Narcissist”

Indonesian Monkey Business

Surprise, surprise! My Indonesian jungle photos are not as bad as I thought. Sure, it would be nice if this were crisp and clean, but I think this world-weary Thomas Leaf monkey comes across quite well, don’t you think? Considering I walked a couple of hours into the jungle to find him, this makes meContinue reading “Indonesian Monkey Business”

Monkeyshines in Malaysia

At some point the trip turned into an obsession with photographing monkeys. Both Malaysia and Indonesia are full of monkeys, at least five different species – and somehow they were all hiding from me. Seriously – I have previously seen monkeys on the streets in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, romping around, making pests of themselvesContinue reading “Monkeyshines in Malaysia”