Just say NO! to porn

No, I’m not talking about naked people getting it on in various configurations, positions and places the rest of us probably couldn’t manage if we tried. That’s old school. It’s pretty easy to avoid traditional porn these days. I plugged the word sex into Google Images and came up with wholesome images of chastely cladContinue reading “Just say NO! to porn”

Help! My Facebook friends are spamming me!

Facebook, Facebook – your myriad evil genius continues to amaze and befuddle. You’ve got it right – it’s doing what you want… but sometimes it seems like you’re turning my life into an endless version of the 12 Days of Christmas – a post-modern 365 Days of Facebook Requests. I suppose it’s a matter ofContinue reading “Help! My Facebook friends are spamming me!”

No phones, no internet, oh no!

The first thing we need is electricity. Without that, nothing works at all. Secondly we need our communication tools – the telephone and internet. Life as we know it springs from those two things. I live in the woods. The road down here has been paved for less than 20 years and is barely wideContinue reading “No phones, no internet, oh no!”