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Made 4 each other

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Made 4 each other

Don’t know what it is about capsicum that is inherently erotic. Well, at least beautiful, perfectly shaped, curvy capsicum. We don’t really want to look at twisted, misshapen peppers, I mean – these two are as ugly as they come… and looking at them – fawning over each other as if they were beautiful.

He he… I have a secret joy – spotting unattractive people in love – holding hands, exchanging knowing looks, gently reaching over and touching their lover’s hair or face. After all, love is only meant for the young, beautiful, slim and stylish – but there they are grinning away – as if they were entitled to adore and be adored.

Written by Titirangi Storyteller

07/07/2012 at 2:14 am

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