Peacock travesty

Had a bit of a play with this gypsy caravan. I like it better this way. I don’t think the gypsies living in it were real gypsies, not that I’ve ever known any real gypsies, so I can’t say for sure. But they seemed more like some folks I knew back in the 70s, whoContinue reading “Peacock travesty”

Carnie II

Yes, you know it’s true… never, ever in my definitely NOT misspent youth, did I stand beside some hunky dude willing to blow all his hard-earned cash shooting tin cans to win me a large stuffed anything. That girl had skinny legs and short shorts and wore a bikini top, instead of a blouse. AndContinue reading “Carnie II”


Wonder what it was about those carnie guys… from here, they look like boozing, womanising, low-life losers – the kind you’d cry your eyes out if your daughter ever took up with one. Back when I was fifteen, they were the next best thing to a rock star – and just as interested in me…Continue reading “Carnie”