Nasty thing

  Funny how nasty is all in how you define it… back in the day, when I lived in upstate New York, I planted nasturtiums in the garden, loved and watered them and weeded out those things that might have interfered with them. My youngest child, a keen gardener almost from the womb, was especiallyContinue reading “Nasty thing”

A yellow drop

While there is no doubt that most of photography comes from the eye of the photographer, there is simply no discounting the part that comes from having great equipment. Still getting my head around this new lens, discovering what it can do and just loving it all. I don’t know what the name of thisContinue reading “A yellow drop”

Another orchid?

Been feeling a little ‘dry’ lately – no flashes of inspiration or unexpected revelations. Going to have to go with the very safe and rather lovely cymbidium from the orchid show I went to last week. Went to a great exhibit today though, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit – very inspirational, but also,Continue reading “Another orchid?”

Gorilla again

The gorilla is the one that gets things done, using whatever reasonable force is necessary. He’s not always nice and he hardly ever apologises, but that’s not what he’s here for. He’s here to whoop your butt, and he might be the only one that can – now that you are finally in charge andContinue reading “Gorilla again”

Build Me Up Buttercup

So there I was, walking along in the reserve in Henderson with a bunch of folks from my photography club, on a gloomy day trying to find something to take a photo of for the Worldwide Walk competition. Can’t say I got anything worth entering, but I stumbled across this little bit of sunshine whilstContinue reading “Build Me Up Buttercup”