Roofs of Tallinn

View of the lower old town, from the upper old town. Tallinn is one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world – most of it still in day to day use as shops, offices and apartments, with a few buildings converted to museums. Come to think of it, one of the thingsContinue reading “Roofs of Tallinn”

Guardians of Convenience

Ever wonder what happens to all those statues that get toppled when the people rise up and finally get rid of their hated dictator? Yes, we’ve all seen them come crashing down – they make great TV bites – but what happens after the crowds have gone home? Not sure if I am in aContinue reading “Guardians of Convenience”

Whose faded memory?

Those not able to stand here in person remembered it as clearly as I do now. I remember their memories, too. This is a street in Tallinn, Estonia. My extended family still lives there. Most Estonians were enslaved as serfs under the Germans, Swedes and finally the Russians from the 13th century until they wereContinue reading “Whose faded memory?”

Museum of the Occupation – Tallinn

I have many stories to tell about visiting Estonia and while some include unexpected tears, most are very beautiful. This one is not. Visiting the Museum of the Occupation in Tallinn was chilling. Not sure what took me so long to get to Tallinn. I had wanted to visit ever since I was a littleContinue reading “Museum of the Occupation – Tallinn”

Strange things in Tallinn

I was but a lass of 18 when I read “The Fountainhead” and was swept away by Howard Roark’s incorruptable rightness and the unusurpable power of architecture to define who we are. I’ve mellowed, wisened, thankfully matured with age – but my fascination with architecture in all its forms continues. Especially new architecture in oldContinue reading “Strange things in Tallinn”

On the way to Lahemaa Woods

A more magical¬† Estonia tale – a visit to Lahemaa woods with my cousin Kaupo and his wife Kadri. Estonia is a tiny country, and these woods are tucked up in the northeast corner – getting close to the Russian border. Though they have been ‘managed’ i.e. harvested and replanted, this particular stand of treesContinue reading “On the way to Lahemaa Woods”