possibilities for perfection

I invented a new word today. Jeramate. There is a young man in Thailand with that as his first name. And an online football league in Latvia who’ve given their virtual stadium that moniker. Other than it’s mine. I am not quite sure what it means yet. But the colour of this Diwali dancer, synestheticallyContinue reading “possibilities for perfection”


Dancer from Diwali the other night… from a contemporary Indian troupe, doing a modern version of the bhangra… I find the bhangra to be the most joyous of dances, reckless abandon, dancing like a child who hasn’t been taught not to. Also found in the Jewish hora and Ukrainian trepak and maybe some others IContinue reading “Bhangra!”

Diwali Magic

Went to the Diwali Festival today – it’s the Indian Festival of Lights. Whilst I would have to say the lights part somehow didn’t translate all that well on its way down under, there was lots of see and taste and photograph… My favourite shot of the day is this little girl, playing in theContinue reading “Diwali Magic”