Huddled together

Huddled together to keep warm. It was a time of hope, when no matter how bad it was, the future was all ahead. And that was so so very long ago. There’s not much future left. Everyone survived. Some did well, some not so much. Huddling together just isn’t done anymore.  

That horizon

I rather loved this checkerboard pattern in the decaying O’Brien family plot on my last visit to the cemetery. There were several of them, looking rather fairy tale and oddly inviting. Odd to think that styles come and go in cemetery plot design, but I suppose there is no reason things should not be asContinue reading “That horizon”

Winter rabbit

I was walking along the side of the road in Central Otago in June when this dead rabbit caught my eye. It had been dead for some time and was quite decomposed. There was a stillness and peaceful quality it possessed that struck me, stayed with me. I took numerous photographs of it, but wasn’tContinue reading “Winter rabbit”