Cabo Dawn

The sun was just coming up and the town was nearly deserted, no vendors or hustlers or beautiful people. A water taxi driver offered to take us out around the harbour, charging little more than a song. A truly enchanted and enchanting experience, the honey light, the seals and pelicans, the turquoise sea and thisContinue reading “Cabo Dawn”

Cafe Dawn

Queen St, Auckland. 7 am on a sunny September morning. The streets are quiet, clean and clear. A few cafe staff struggle, puffing away as they set up tables with sugar and serviettes. Maybe the odd early start punter dashes across the street against the light, hoping his favourite barrista is waiting. Mmmm I canContinue reading “Cafe Dawn”

Let it Be the Dawn

A chorus of the wind, birds, little waves lapping. My own breath. My heart surely has something to say… We got no brilliant dawns in Wanaka this year… but two years ago – I am still awed… There are no filters or anything special done to this dawn, other than putting the camera on  aContinue reading “Let it Be the Dawn”