Eternally disgruntled

I spotted this Celtic Cross from across the cemetery so beautiful¬† catching the last rays of sun before it slipped behind the hills and let the night creep in And yet – in every image it seems a scowling, sneering scold pity it’s sullen companion who has neither means of respite nor escape.


Another from the Christ Church Cemetery in Russell… This just breaks my heart, for a young child. I can imagine her mother coming here and grieving. And then I think that had she not died when she did, she would still be dead now, along with everyone that ever knew her. I don’t know whatContinue reading “Angel”

RIPping in Penang

I asked Dan, our driver in Penang, to take us to the local cemetery. As he was Chinese, he brought us to the Chinese cemetery. There had recently been a holiday honouring the dead, so many of the graves were festooned with blue and white flags and adorned with flowers and other honouring items. DanContinue reading “RIPping in Penang”

Cill Chriosd

Driving down the foggy one lane B roads of the Isle of Skye Cill Chriosd was a faint outline in the mist. The closer I got, the less I could see. As I stood there – the mist lifted, like a stage curtain, unveiling the ruins of the church built sometime in the 1400s andContinue reading “Cill Chriosd”

Occupation: dead person

We were in Huatulco, a resort on the Mexican Riviera created for tourists and other holiday-makers, a rather dreadful over-priced, over slick main drag with too many restaurants and hawkers and really, despite the perfection of the location, quite awful. We hired a taxi and told him we weren’t interested in any of his toursContinue reading “Occupation: dead person”

Why I photograph

Back in the day, back when I took pictures like a regular punter, a good piece of scenery was incomplete without someone standing out front. It’s how I was raised. My mom took a photo of every cactus in Texas the year I was 12. And every one of them had one of us kidsContinue reading “Why I photograph”