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Notre Dame de Paris

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There were so many articles of wonder and amazement. But this was the thing that caught me by surprise. I hadn’t expected it.  Less than half a metre wide, at the base of a statue of some forgotten saint… Made me wonder about the designer and the artisan and the people in the town immortalised in stone.

Every surface can be a canvas.

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27/07/2011 at 11:58 pm

On the streets of Antigua

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Two women in Antigua

Apologies for being remiss in posting, but I’ve been knocked back by the flu – which kind I am not sure, but it’s nastiest thing to invade my nooks and crannies in 20 years.

Thought I’d throw up a few of my favourite photos from Antigua, in Guatemala… the ancient and the modern live side by side, both aware of the other, but not really mixing all that much. Sorta like this photo… Most of the locals are descendents of the Mayan. They’ve retained their language and many of their old ways and traditions. I had the sense the Europeans are merely interlopers who will fade away eventually…

Why did the man cross the road?

I was nearly beside myside when I spotted this man crossing the road! Since I grabbed the camera so quickly, the shot was a bit blurred – so I posterised it. Rather prefer it this way.

Desolation row?

A last glance back as we were pulling out of town. An ancient church and a boy and his dog.

I loved Guatemala best out of all the places we visited in Central America. This sort of captures why.

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29/04/2010 at 11:16 pm

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