Warning! Warning!

You think I’m making this up, but you believe what you read in the paper on see on the news. All right – I didn’t stow away. Security is too tight these days for anyone to get on board without the universe finding out about it. But the rest of it is all true. IContinue reading “Warning! Warning!”

Great Day 4 the Sky

I take photos of everything. Drives my husband mad. I’ve had friends accuse me of stopping to photograph so I can have a rest. Occasionally people get suspicious of me taking photos of sort of nothing things. Once in a while people freak when they see my camera pointed at them from my seat insideContinue reading “Great Day 4 the Sky”

Americas Cup 2022

Watched a class of beginner boaties out in the bay today – I think it may have been the first session of the year. No sails for the brand new ones, sturdy plastic kayaks and paddles – and still they struggled with the rules both natural and man-made. This little guy, who couldn’t have beenContinue reading “Americas Cup 2022”