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Blue Pools 2012

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A creek running into the Haast River on the South Island, about an hour north of Wanaka, a convergence dubbed the Blue Pools. One of the real pleasures of returning to the same place every year is that you see it in so many different conditions. The sky was heavily overcast when we were there in May, so the sparkling blue water was muted. This is a 30 second exposure with a couple of ND filters thrown on the lens – I wanted the water to have that dreamy, creamy effect. Not sure the image works as dreamy, something about the jaggedness of the rocks and the cold, unforgiving light that make it seem a bit harsh. Nothing like it looked a couple of years ago (click here to see the post from the 2010 shot) where the light was almost yellow and the water was turquoise.

Wonder what it will be like in 2013?

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03/07/2012 at 1:40 am

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