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Maori Bay Cave at low tide

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maori bay cave

A fascinating little cave at Maori Bay, Muriwai. This is at low tide and as you can see, the water never fully recedes. The top of this cliff is occupied by the gannet colony, but the lower ledges are occupied at the moment by nesting white fronted terns – an extremely territorial medium size bird that swooped down at us, shrieking and came perilously close to my husband’s ear. But I was fascinated by this cave, which is actually a tunnel right through the rock formed by the powerful high-tide waters. Even at low tide, the waters lap on the other end and occasionally come through to the side you see here.

A difficult shot to get as it was actually very contrasty. So I took half a dozen shots and then blended them for a modified HDR effect. I rather dislike ‘proper’ HDR (high dynamic range) images as they tend to lose all contrast and sense of depth and thus seem artificial looking to me, more like illustrations than photos. Of course many people love them, and that is, of course, fine. Just not my cuppa. I think this blend is more representative of what my eyes could see this late in the day. And that cave was bloody dark. Perhaps I will return on a day when low tide is earlier and maybe get a peek at what’s inside. Maybe venture inside, but not with my gear…

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06/12/2012 at 11:22 pm

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