Black Hole

Yes – I’ve discovered a black hole just down the way at Muriwai Beach… Yeah, I’ve got to get back there soon and get a hell of a lot closer – see what’s really going on. Hard to get a sense of perspective, but that hole is at least a couple of metres across andContinue reading “Black Hole”

Sweet relief

I took this photo in Sopol Poland several years ago. It was October, far too late in the year for anyone to go wading in the Baltic. And yet, this old woman hobbled through the wind to the water, and stood in the water for several minutes. I have always loved this photo – it’sContinue reading “Sweet relief”

Sunset At Piha

Sunset At Piha

I love this and hate this… Love it because it is gorgeous, hate it because it’s so traditional, a completely standard ‘great sunset’ shot. Still, it’s a great sunset shot and I did take it myself, so I am not really complaining… he he… this is the same sunset at pretty much the same time of day and time as the impressionist sunset I put up yesterday. This one is further away from the water – and obviously is sharply in focus.

One lady leaping

Went through over 600 images shot last night. To be honest, most were plain crap… I deleted over 300. Then I deleted another 100. Then I starting culling in earnest… and in the end, came up with such a brilliant set of photos, I feel like I invented candy and can’t wait to tell allContinue reading “One lady leaping”

Dancer on the beach

Just a quick one tonight… Went to Piha Beach this evening to shoot the sunset and a dancer who came to dance for a group of photographers. Sadly, she got lost on the way so we didn’t get to shoot her in the best light. I did get some nice stuff though and am especiallyContinue reading “Dancer on the beach”

End of summer

Walked down to the beach early Monday morning. I was the only one there. Sad, sad, sad… Summers never were long enough. Sorry I have not been around, but wedding are physically and spiritually exhausting! I needed to regroup and refortify… As for the wedding… THE WEDDING… since I was not the photographer and tookContinue reading “End of summer”